Life changes and challenges often create difficulties that negatively impact our sense of peace and place. Such difficulties may happen to anyone, at any age. I work with adults, couples, families and students in high school or college. Drawing upon advances in our understanding of the the neurobiology of trauma and the proven effectiveness of mindfulness based practices, I offer a highly personalized approach to assist clients on the path to healing, recovery, integration and resolution. Below is a list of concerns and challenges that you or someone close to you may be dealing with:

Anxiety Difficulty with worry; unproductive rumination and fretting; fear of being out of control; panic problems related to fear and apprehension; a sense of being completely overwhelmed.

Depression Problems with mood swings; lack of energy; feeling stuck or without purpose in life.

Mood swings Difficulty dealing with overwhelming emotions; too much or not enough energy; irritability and sadness.

Addiction Problems with alcohol, drug &/or using gambling, food or pornography to escape and avoid other issues. I also work with Adult Children of Alcoholics.

Life Transitions Separation or divorce; illness, disability or death in the family; career changes or relocations. 

Adolescent Issues Family conflict; problems in school; anger and other issues often experienced by this age group.

Gender & Sexuality Exploring gender-related questions.

Post-Traumatic Stress Problems that may be a consequence of a car accident; domestic violence, sexual assault or abuse; first responders; veterans of war or other high stress service; survivors of violence of any kind.

Community Based Work  I am trained in a wide range of approaches that promote resilience, health and social integration of individuals, families, communities and health & service workers who have endured stressful community based events.

Currently, a member of the Berkshire County First Responder on the Berkshire Trauma Response Network Team http://riversidetraumacenter.org/about-us/trauma-response-network/. Also, worked with Robin Carnes as co-creators of the Kripalu Frontline Provider Program. A program designed to help to mitigate against Compassion Fatigue, Vicarious Trauma and Burnout in  high stress frontline work. More recently developed a Staff Sensitivity and Safety Program https://kripalu.org for Kripalu.

Crisis Intervention I have extensive experience as a clinician on an Acute Care Services Team in Berkshire County Community Mental Health . Crisis can be a tremendous opportunity for growth and transformation.

Whatever your reasons may be, my goal is to provide a confidential, safe, supportive and compassionate environment to gain insight into complex problems, and to offer new and creative options along the path to recovery.

Please call regarding questions or to make an appointment: 413-446-9541.

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